You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

What if all the things we have ever dreamed of were sneak previews of what is possible for us? I often wonder how many visions never materialize, simply because we eliminate them before they have the slightest chance of growing into reality. Yet, so many of the things we have accomplished may once have seemed impossible.

Sunshine - Photo by Ron Hamblin
Sunshine – Photo by Ron Hamblin


How many children, in moments of frustration while learning to ride a bike, conclude that they just cannot do it. Parents urge them to be patient and keep trying, so indeed, they eventually see they can do it. As children, we probably all had moments when we thought we could not swim, could not hit the ball, or could not learn to read. Encouragement from others helped us to overcome those limiting beliefs, which we can see now, were false. I believe we are all capable of doing many, many things, and would do them, if we did not first talk ourselves out of them.


Just for fun, try this experiment. Think of something you have always wanted to do. Sit down with a friend or two or three. Ask them to talk you into trying it, brainstorming all of the ways you could make it happen. You could each take a turn, playing with concept of ‘doing your dream.’ Your dream might be as basic as learning to draw or sing, or as complex as going back to school to earn a degree. It might involve traveling, starting a business, or raising consciousness about an issue that is important to you. You never know what might happen. Perhaps you will find that the thing you thought was impossible, is actually as easy as riding a bike, once you get the hang of it. And remember, none of us gave up on learning to master that bike, just because we fell off a few times.

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