Taking Pride in your Country during Sports

Marcus Peters – KC Chiefs sits during National Anthem disrespecting our Country, Flag and Troops who died for this country – Photo Courtesy Bleacher Report

(Opinion Article by Ron Hamblin)
The NFL opened it’s season Thursday with the Kansas City Chiefs beating defending Champions New England Patriots in Foxboro. Although that was huge in and of it self, it wasn’t the whole story. Last season, NFL numbers for viewers were down drastically and most of it was attributed to NFL players deciding it was a good idea to protest during the National Anthem. HUGE MISTAKE.

Most sports fans said that was too much. Colin Kaepernick started this disrespectful “protest” last year when he refused to stand during the National Anthem. Fans obviously did not agree with this. In my opinion, as a veteran with 4 sons who are veterans, I do not like it, but I am more disgusted due to the fact alot of good men have come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin after giving their lives serving this great Country. It is extremely disrespectful to them and their families.

Marcus Peters of the KC Chiefs was the latest “CLOWN” to sit during the Anthem.  These player are paid millions to play football. They work for a team that allows them to make alot of money to do something they can make millions playing a “GAME”. For them do use this venue to disrespect their Country, It’s flag and the soldiers who died for this country goes way beyond disrespectful. The teams that are allowing these overpaid players to do this on their dime are just as responsible. As a player, you can be fined for dancing in the end zone but disrespecting your country is ok? How is that even right. I doubt seriously, you would ever see Peters, Kaepernick or any of these other clowns taking up arms and serving this country.

In an article from Independent Journal Review, they said, “On Thursday, the NFL regular season kicked off and to no one’s surprise, there was another national anthem protest. However, this time it was only one player on the Kansas City Chiefs who protested the “Star Spangled Banner.” So far, cornerback Marcus Peters is the only one to protest the national anthem during the regular season. Peters remained seated as all of the other players and coaches on both the Chiefs and Patriots stood.

But two veterans have a message aimed at anyone who chooses to sit during the national anthem.

Military Veteran Speaks out – Photo by IJR

Josh Ghering served in the Marine Corps for 12 years, serving two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. With a break in between deployments, he served as a drill instructor for three years.

When Independent Journal Review asked how he felt seeing players protest the flag he fought to protect, Ghering responded:

“I didn’t see that as a sign of disrespect to me. I saw that as a sign of disrespect to my predecessors and to my brothers and sisters that came home in a flag draped coffin from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I respect his right to free speech, but I don’t agree/approve of what he is doing.

The NFL is a professional sport and just like the rest of the sports I expect players to leave controversial attention off the field. If they speak about something controversial I would expect a coach, general manager, owner of the team, or the commissioner to take action. It’s bad for business and they need to have a back bone to squash controversy.”

Steve B. an American Vet discusses Marcus Peters protest = Photo by IJR

Steve B. – C Co. & HHC 2nd Ranger Battalion, 12 years of law enforcement: Patrol, SWAT. Steve was asked by IJR  how he would handle the situation of players protesting the national anthem, he responded:

“I would make each one of the disrespectful players participate in a police academy session with role players and simulation weapons. I would have them all meet with Gold Star families.

I would tell them how their uneducated and disrespectful actions, particularly in a time of war, give aid and comfort and encouragement to our enemies.

I would specifically call Kaepernick out for his lack of truthful information, his lack of taking action (you don’t see him patrolling Chicago), and that this is just a manipulative attempt to stay relevant, create drama and claim he is a victim.”

Folks, we all have the right to protest and express our views, but there is a time and a place for it. During the National Anthem, IS NOT the time or place to do this. Where would these “Clowns” be had it not be for those who gave their lives so they could be free to disrespect this great Country and the Soldiers that died serving this country. There is no place in sports for disrespecting this country.