Politics – Trump Faces “BIG STEAL”

truth mattersUrgent Letter from Roger Stone
The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness

Dear Friend:

Will the GOP establishment steal the 2016 nomination from Donald Trump, even if the magnate arrives in Cleveland with the most pledged delegates but short of the 50% he needs to be nominated?
Is a back-room deal in the works to have a “brokered convention” to deny Trump the GOP nod?

I think there is strong evidence there is such a plan and it must be stopped!

I have been friends and worked with Donald Trump as one of his closest political advisers for 37 years, since we met in Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign.

I chaired Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in 2000 and wanted him to challenge Mitt Romney in 2012.

I am a veteran of nine national Republican presidential campaigns starting with Nixon, working at the senior level for Reagan, and working for current presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

I know Donald Trump and the other GOP candidates – and I am more convinced than ever of this: only Donald Trump can save this country.

Donald Trump is our last hope to make Washington work for us.

The lobbyists, special interests and billionaire donors who control the corroded two-party “Republicrat” system in Washington hate Donald Trump.

They also hate it when Trump exposes how these insiders are destroying America.

As Trump puts it bluntly: “America is going to hell!”

Make no mistake, Donald Trump will provide the leadership America needs to secure our border with a massive wall and protect us from Islamic butchers here and abroad.

He will rebuild the middle-class and make sure we honor our commitment to caring for our veterans (who Obama treats like second-class citizens) and of course rebuild our military. We will once again be the most feared and respected nation on the planet.

My knowledge of the presidential nominating process and my sources within the Republican Party are second to none.

What I have learned is shocking.

The insiders have a stunning plan to stop Trump once he wins the opening primaries.

They want to stall Trump on the FIRST BALLOT because the delegates pledged to him will NO LONGER BE LEGALLY BOUND after that vote. That means they can vote for anybody and will no longer be bound to Trump or another candidate.

Here’s how this “insider” scheme to stop Trump will work.

Almost all primaries have PROPORTIONAL delegate allocation. Cruz, Christie, Rubio, and Bush will be winning delegates, too.

Trump may win more than the others – but if enough candidates who have no chance of winning stay in the race, they “together” can accumulate a lot of delegates.

Will the insiders cheat Donald Trump in a secretly-funded, brokered convention that steals the nomination from Trump?

Many insiders are telling me it’s true. They even have a name for their plan – get this, it’s called the “The BIG STEAL.”

Yep, they are laughing at you and me, thinking it doesn’t matter how many states Trump wins. They can literally “steal” the primary from him and you at the convention!

Scary isn’t it?

The insiders are already amassing delegates for their slick plan.

For example, there are 278 so-called “Super Delegates” – these are GOP establishment insiders and party hacks who were NEVER voted for in any primary.

But they will get an equal vote with primary delegates.

Rest assured of this: every one of them will be opposed to Trump.

They constitute 4% of the convention. Thus, Trump must win 54% of delegates elected in caucuses and primaries to overcome those plotting to stop them.

That’s a big hurdle for Trump in a divided field.

Even worse, in 2012 Mitt Romney forced the GOP to accept what is known as “Convention RULE 40 B.”
40 B says the Nominee of the GOP must have a MAJORITY –-50% plus 1– of delegates in each of at least eight states.

The Romney people passed this rule in 2012 by when they had control of the party. It was instituted to stop someone just like Donald Trump!

With candidates like Rubio, Bush, and Kasich hanging in the race, sustained by their super-PAC money, all of Trump’s opponents can drain votes and stop Trump from gaining a MAJORITY in key states.

Even though he wins every primary, if he fails to win the 50 percent threshold required by Romney’s 40 B rule, Trump will be stopped!

In fact Trump could win EVERY primary but the Bush-Rubio-Christie-Kasich-McConnell-Ryan-wing of the GOP can block Trump and seize the nomination for an establishment alternative like Jeb Bush.

Rule 40B could block Trump from the nomination and pave the way for a backroom BIG STEAL deal.

Why do the Party insiders want to stop Trump?

Well, let me tell you the truth: party moderates like Mitch McConnell would rather have Hillary Clinton to wheel and deal with, than Trump, who will end their insider, sweetheart deals in Washington.

The Trump candidacy is a citizen insurrection, an authentic uprising.

You are part of this movement.

We want to make America Great Again!

The Washington consultant and lobbyist class are scared to death because Trump cannot be bought.

Trump is his own man and he will bring radical reform to government.

The BIG STEAL has already begun. Even today, a super-PAC supporting John Kasich is spending $2.5 million on harsh negative ads attacking Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush and his billionaires have already spent an estimated $16 million attacking Trump on TV.

Chris Christie attacked Trump this week, calling Trump a “carnival barker”.

All of this is part of the BIG STEAL plan to stall Trump short of a majority of delegates and force a brokered convention.

And we must demand the Super-Delegates vote for the winner of the primaries, not some “STOP TRUMP” candidate like Rubio or Bush.

The Trump forces can repeal RULE 40 B, clearing the way for a Trump nomination by a simple majority – with 51% – if we can get the votes.

Now that Donald Trump announced he will air hard-hitting TV ads in the final weeks before the early primary contests, we know he is being outspent 30 to 1 in these states by other candidates.

We at the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness have two goals: making sure Trump wins and stopping the BIG STEAL.

I want the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness to stop this establishment power grab.

We must send a clear message: If Trump is robbed at the Republican National Convention, millions of American tired of the two-party insiders will not vote Republican.

Millions of working-class Democrats won’t vote Republican.

If this happens, the GOP is doomed.

We must work tirelessly to help Trump in states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

We must bury the super-delegates in email, cards and letters demanding they do the right thing and nominate a winner – the only candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump!

We must convince Ben Carson supporters that while Ben is a great guy, and he would be a great surgeon general, he isn’t going to be the president.

We must convince Huckabee voters that Mike Huckabee will serve in a Trump cabinet. Both groups need to drop and then switch their delegates to Trump.

We must generate hundreds of thousands of emails and letters to Carson, Huckabee and Santorum urging them to support Trump.

I want to reach millions in a digital campaign to tell people about Trump and the secret BIG STEAL plan to stop his revolution.

We must encourage them to write to delegates – emails, letters and post cards! But to reach millions of people – to mobilize public opinion – we must go on television, and that costs many thousands of dollars.

And we must form a team of the best parliamentarians and lawyers with convention experience to stop the BIG STEAL.

We need to pay to set up a central office and travel extensively to organize a system to reach every delegate.

We will need 51% to repeal RULE 40 B, which was passed to stop a grass roots conservative like Trump.

Since 1988, the Oval Office has been controlled by establishment insiders – who have sent our brave men and women overseas to waste our blood and treasure for their gain – and international corporations who have bankrupted our country.

They have loaded debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren. They have shipped our jobs overseas in foreign trade deals, which reap profits for them while destroying manufacturing here in America.

But that can all stop if and only if Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States.

We must raise $500,000 in the next two weeks to continue our efforts in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

We must organize a Grass Roots Convention operation. We must track every delegate.

We must head-off the brokered convention. We must line up the votes to repeal RULE 40 B. We need to ensure the Republican bosses don’t steal the presidential nomination from Donald Trump!

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We must count on citizens like you to fund this vital effort today to help Donald Trump.

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Yours for America’s Greatness,

Roger Stone
The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness

P. S. The “insiders” hated Ronald Reagan. I know because I was a top adviser to President Reagan. But we fought back and people like you ensured his victory. Here is a photo of one of my meetings with the great Ronald Reagan aboard Air Force One.
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