Perry Central Weight Lift Team shows their strength

PCC Weight Lifting Champs

PCC started off their competition with a meet at Raceland Show of Strength at Raceland High. PCC finished second as a team. Devon Hill, Ronnie Collins, Noah Canady, Brandon Fugate, Jacob Brown all won first place in their individual weight classes. Brandon Fugate had the highest total weight lifted in the meet which featured bench press, power cleans, and squats.

His total was 1115lbs. Noah Canady finished second in total lifted. He had an 1,100 lb total. Brandon had the top power clean of the meet with 300lbs. Noah Canady had the best squat with 525lbs. Joey Griffie had the top bench press of the meet with 305lbs. Caeden Sebastian finished in third place in his weight class. Charles Haley finished third in his as well. Ben Gambill also had a first place finish. Devon Hill was deemed best pound for pound lifted of the entire meet.

Then it was on to The Bath County Iron Bar Classic where PCC finished first as a team. Noah Canady won his weight class. Brandon Fugate, Ronnie Collins, and Devon Hill also won their individual weight classes. Caeden Sebastian finished 3rd in his weight. Ben Gambill took 2nd place. Joey Griffie took 3rd place in his weight class. Hayden Canady, sixth grader, finished 2nd in his weight class lifting up in the varsity division. Devon Hill was again awarded the best pound for pound lifter in the meet. He also best bench press pound for pound after benching 260lbs at a body weight of 130lbs. Brandon Fugate had the best power clean of the meet completing a lift of 305lbs this time.

Recently PCC we finished second as a team at the state powerlifting meet at Central Hardin High School. PCC had two state champions. Brandon Fugate in 235 class and Devon Hill at 135. Brandon had the best power clean of the meet and nearly set a state record for total lifted and cleans in his weight class. Ronnie Collins and Hayden Canady both finished as state runners up in their weight classes. Ronnie missed his last power clean attempt to fall just short of a state title. Noah Canady had a third place finish in the 250lb division. He missed his last power clean attempt which would have won him a state title. We came just short of boasting four state champs. Jayden Neace placed third in the 220 class. He was 5lbs short of 2nd place. This all despite recovering from shoulder surgery recently. The meet is very prestigious. Schools such as Louisville trinity and Scott county competed. There were 26 teams in all and nearly 500 lifters at the event. To medal was tough. We were points away from the team title. It was very close. MCLean County won the state meet.

Information provided by Ovie Canady