No, it’s not the AAU, it’s Kentucky Basketball

Fox drives to the hoop against Florida. KY was hammered 88-66 by Florida. Photos by Brendon Miller
Fox drives to the hoop against Florida. KY was hammered 88-66 by Florida. Photos by Brendon Miller

Three losses in four games. No defense to speak of. One on One basketball. This simply is not Calipari basketball. UK appears to be getting worse with each passing game. Florida walked away with an 88-66 dismantling of the UK Wildcats. Nevermind the shooting is bordering on horrible, but these young Cats cannot stop anyone. I am not sure I have ever seen a Coach Cal team give up so many layups and open jumpers. Early in the season, when UK was demolishing everyone, they played defense and distributed the ball around. That is a distant memory.

What happened in Gainesville  can be explained in three areas.

Defense – UK gave up 88 points and allowed Florida to make 10 threes and shoot 20 for 36 – 55.6% on non three pointers.

Passing – Florida’s Chiozza had 9 assists. The UK Wildcats had 7 assists total. Let that sink in, 7 Assists  TOTAL. Florida had 18 assists total. UK’s all world point guard, De’Aaron Fox, even though he was sick, whose job in part is to make sure the rest of the team gets the ball in scoring position, had ZERO assists.

Rebounding – This, in and of itself, was embarrassing.  Florida outrebounded UK 54-29 for the game. The embarrassing part was in the first half when the Gators held a 35-13 advantage on the boards.

This Kentucky team, at this point in the season,  is more like an AAU team. It is all about “ME”. No passing and if your man beats you on a drive, he is almost assured a layup or dunk. Had Florida not had 17 turnovers, the final score of 88-66 could have easily been 30 points or better.

UK was led in scoring by Fox with 19. Monk was the ONLY other Cat in double figures with 11. Adebayo had 9, Mulder had 8, Briscoe had 6, Gabriel 5, and Hawkins with 4. Wynyard had 2 and Willis rounded out the Wildcat scoring with 2. UK has their work cut out for them if they are going to be ready for the NCAA tournament. A number 1 and now 2 seed seems like a dream at this point. UK has too much talent to continue on playing this way. It will be interesting to see if these Cats continue on as an AAU team or if they start playing the way Coach Cal and BBN expects them to play. Only time will tell and time is running out on this group of Cats.