Kentucky News – School bus narrowly misses disaster

(Information from Breathitt Advocate & Bobby Thorpe – Photos courtesy of Teresa Mullins Baker)

bus 1  bus 2

Ice is clearly visible on the road
Ice is clearly visible on the road

A school bus was involved in an accident in the River Caney area on Wednesday morning due to icy roads. The accident occurred in the River Caney area early Wednesday morning and 12 children were on the bus. According to witnesses, the bus hit some ice and slid off the roadway with one wheel over the embankment. None of the children on the bus were injured and another bus was sent to the location to transport the kids to school.




Several parents and concerned citizens are questioning why there was school this morning when ice was on the roads. As you can see in one photo, there was a huge drop off and had the bus continued over the embankment, it is possible that students could have been seriously injured if not killed. We will have more on this story as information becomes available.

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