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Are You an Emotional Eater?

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.”

                                                                       Robert Gary Lee


Many who struggle with weight are sabotaged by emotional eating. They eat when they are happy, they eat when they are sad, and sometimes they just eat because eating feels good. It can be terribly difficult to break this habit because it is usually quite deep rooted.


It goes back to childhood when eating “fun” food was associated with birthday parties, holidays and family get-togethers. In happy families, mealtimes had positive associations; mom and dad were there and the time may have included humor and affection.


These are not, however, the main things that cause emotional eating to persist. The real culprit is food that was used to comfort an upset child. If you hurt yourself, you got a treat. If someone was mean to you and you were upset, it was into the kitchen for a treat.


Why does this result in adult emotional eating?  It is because food was used to distract the child from the pain, and the pain itself was never dealt with. As a result, the child never learned how to think about or process painful events.


Where parents took the time to really explore the child’s feelings about what happened, they could help the child reframe the event, learn not to take it personally, and know how to deal with similar events in the future. It is comforting for the child to hear these things, and over time they learn to think things through this way. They learn to self-comfort.


The adult who never learned this then distracts her/himself with food, and simply buries the pain. Over the years the well of pain becomes deeper and deeper. Every painful experience brings forth the vulnerable child who does not know what to do, so the automatic, often unconscious response is to reach for comfort food.


How does one get past this?  It is important to first recognize our pattern, and to re-visit the painful experiences of childhood. This can be difficult, which is why it is often done with a trusted therapist. The adult must learn to nurture and support the painful inner child, and then how to process the adult experiences which trigger the old pattern.


It can be a complex process, but it has taken a lifetime to develop and take hold. Healing the pain of the past is an essential step in moving forward.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

Breathitt Politics ……. The BEST That MONEY Can BUY!!!!!

Mention Breathitt Politics to anyone and 9 times out of 10 you will hear a reply that has to do with vote buying. Over the years there have been some real winners who have bought their way in to office. Do not be mistaken, it isn’t just local offices either. Vote buying is rampant from school board elections all the way up the political chain. I must point out, not everyone buys votes in these elections. And this is why they can never win. The vote buying crew will vote dead people, people out of state and will buy votes using everything from Gravel, Bridges, Money, Alcohol and the new favorite, Pills.

Working people just don't have a chance in Breathitt County
Working people just don’t have a chance in Breathitt County

I remember a phone call I got from my mother when I was stationed in California. She asked me why I never visited her when I was there, in Kentucky, to vote in that years election. Of course she was kidding because I was in California. The problem however, was someone did in fact vote on my behalf at the Caney School Voting Precint. No big deal right?? Well, the fact is, I was never in Kentucky during the election. Someone signed my name and cast my vote. Makes you wonder just how many people voted and had no clue. Vote buying is a way of life in Breathitt County.

Why won’t local or even state authorities do something about it you may ask? Well, mostly because it is political. If they are not the benefactor of prosecuting voute buying, then nothing is ever done. What about the recent prosecutions that included former Breathitt Superintendent Arch Turner? To be honest, as one friend put it to me, those arrests and prosecutions may have done more to help vote buying that anything. You see, vote buyers feel secure now that the Feds and Kentucky Attorney General won’t come after them because the authorities already made their splash in Breathitt County. How else can you explain this years elections and the people who won. Some of the very people who are supposedly still under investigation for vote buying during the same election Arch Turner was busted in, are running wild in Breathitt County. The State and Feds were provided with, photos and videos in a couple cases of vote buying and dozens were interviewed by the Feds for clear violations of vote buying. They still walk the streets free men and some are still in office.

Breathitt County Elections, The best Money can buy!!
Breathitt County Elections, The best Money can buy!!

During the May elections in Breathitt County, The Attorney General released the following Statement;

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 21, 2014) – Attorney General Jack Conway announced today that his Election Fraud Hotline received 205 calls from more than 60 counties between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST) during yesterday’s primary election.  Forty-nine calls involved allegations of vote buying/selling.“The Election Fraud Hotline is an important tool for voters to help protect the integrity of Kentucky’s elections,” General Conway said.  “My office will thoroughly review each complaint for possible criminal violations.  If an investigation is deemed necessary, the complaint will be referred to the appropriate agency.”

Election Fraud Hotline Calls by Issue for 2014 Primary Election

49   Vote Buying/Selling (8 – Breathitt, 8 – Clay, 4 – Pike, 3 – Bell, 3 – Floyd, 3 – Harlan, 3 – Laurel, 3 – Owsley, 2 – Carter, 2 – Knott, 2 – Magoffin, 1 – Bath, 1 – Clinton,  1 – Knox, 1 – Lee, 1 – Morgan, 1 – Muhlenberg, 1 – Perry, 1 – Wayne)

43   Legal Questions

25   Procedural Questions

25   General Election Fraud/Other

16   Electioneering within 300’ of Polls

12   Election Official

11  Special or Absentee Ballot

7  Residency

6  Voter Identification

5  Voting Machine

3  Voter Assistance

3  Disrupting Polls

2   Request for Assistance/Monitoring

2  Campaign Violation

1  Campaign Finance

Top Election Fraud Hotline Calls by County

Breathitt – 15 (8 – Vote Buying/Selling, 2 – Disrupting Polls, 2 – Electioneering within 300’ of Polls, 1 – General Election Fraud/Other,  1 – Legal Question, 1 – Procedural Question, 1 – Residency)


Floyd – 12  (3 – Vote Buying/Selling, 2 – Legal Question, 2 – Voter Assistance, 1 – Campaign Finance, 1 – Campaign Violation, 1 – Election Official, 1 – General Election Fraud/Other, 1 – Procedural Question, 1 – Special or Absentee Ballot)


Pike – 11 (4 – Vote Buying/Selling, 3 – Procedural Question, 2 – General Election Fraud/Other, 1 – Election Official, 1 – Electioneering within 300’ of Polls)


Pulaski – 11 (3 – Electioneering within 300’ of Polls, 3 – General Election Fraud/Other, 2 – Residency, 1 – Legal Question, 1 – Procedural Question, 1 – Special or Absentee Ballot)


The Office of the Attorney General, by law, cannot provide details regarding specific complaints or possible pending investigations.


In addition to the hotline, investigators from General Conway’s Department of Criminal Investigations patrolled precincts and polling places across the Commonwealth yesterday to respond immediately to complaints.  The Attorney General’s Office, which has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute election law violations, is also a member of the Kentucky Election Integrity Task Force.


Breathitt County was selected as part of the Election Audit by the State Attorney Generals office. Don’t hold your breath folks. There aree no votes in it for them to pursue anything.

Vote for the best man for the job, not the one trying to buy you
Vote for the best man for the job, not the one trying to buy you

I am told, by several people under anonimity, that some high profile offices were bought by a group in the so called “clique” for $130.00, or pills and or alcohol. Will authorities do anything about the May Election and the rampant vote buying? Only time will tell, but for now, it doesn’t look like anything will be done. Vote buying may be on of the most UNPATRIOTIC things anyone can do. Thousands of brave Men and Women are giving their lives daily while serving this country so that a bunch of lazy scum and Power hungry politicians can buy & sell votes.

(Opinion voiced by writer and not necessarily the views of East KY Media)

Mose McIntosh Obit

Mose McIntosh Obit
Mose McIntosh Obit

Mose McIntosh, 55, Jackson passed away Friday, April 25, at his residence. He was the son of the late Millard Filmore and Anna Lois (Deaton) McIntosh. He was also preceded in death by five brothers; Ross, Filmore, Joe, Sam and Jeff McIntosh; two sisters; Malvery Blevins, Bessie Burns.  He is survived by three brothers; Keenas (Betty) McIntosh of Buckhorn, Ben (Mary) McIntosh of Arizona, William (Juanita) McIntosh of Buckhorn; two sisters, Pauline Kinnard of Campton, Florence Sandlin of South Carolina; special nephew, Keenas McIntosh, Jr. Funeral services Monday, April 28, 1:00 PM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. James Morris officiating.  Burial in the Lucy Angel Cemetery at Squabble Creek.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Rhonda Gayle Bush Obit

Rhonda Gayle Bush Obit
Rhonda Gayle Bush Obit

Rhonda Gayle Bush, 49, Noctor passed away Thursday, April 24, at her residence.  She was preceded in death by father-in-law, Charlie “Red” Bush; grandparents, Brison & Betsy Hounshell and Merlin & Emily Back.  She is survived by husband, Gary Keith Bush of Noctor; parents, Everett and Shirley Hounshell of Noctor; mother-in-law, Dora Bush of Altro; sister, Elizabeth and husband, Brendon Miller of Noctor; two nephews, Evan Miller of Noctor, Carson Miller of Noctor.  Funeral services Sun., Apr. 27, 2:00 PM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. James Southwood officiating.  Burial in Hounshell Cemetery at Noctor.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Earl Johnson Obit

Earl Johnson Obit
Earl Johnson Obit

Earl Johnson, 87, Richmond passed away Thursday, April 17, at the Baptist Health Hospital in Richmond.  He was a US Army veteran.   He was the son of the late James and Sally Ann (Hays) Johnson.  He is survived by his wife, Thelma Johnson of Richmond; three sons, Henry Clay Fugate of Hopkinsville, Randy Lynn Fugate of Southfork, William Brack Fugate of Kissimmee, FL; two daughters, Detria Dunning of Richmond, Phyllis Clemons of Southfork; eight grandchildren, seven great grandchildren.  Funeral services Mon., April 21, 1:00 PM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Jimmy Tharp officiating.  Burial in the Ben Smith Cemetery at Southfork.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Virginia Carol Turner

Virginia Carol Turner
Virginia Carol Turner

Virginia Carol Turner, 61, passed away Tuesday, April 15, at Irvine.  She was a member of the New Macedonia Baptist Church in Newport.  She was preceded in death by her mother, Cora Turner; her son, Sammy Turner; her sister, Roseanna Turner.   She is survived by her fiancé, Mike Cagel of Madisonville; her father, Roosevelt Turner of Talbert; her daughter, Melissa Turner of Paintsville; her sister, Juanita (Jim) Mister of Irvine; two grandchildren, D.J. Payne, Michel Payne.  Funeral services Friday, April 18, 11:00AM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Jesse Turner and Rev. Patrick Turner officiating.  Burial in the Alice B. Turner Cemetery at Talbert.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Amos Graham Jr. Obit

Amos “Buster” Graham Jr.,
Amos Graham Jr.
Amos Graham Jr.

83, Vancleve passed away Tuesday, April 15 at the Wolfe Co. Health & Rehab Center in Campton.  He was the son of the late Amos and Ella (Little) Graham.  He was also preceded in death by one brother, George Graham.  He was a veteran of the US Army.  He is survived by his wife, Sue Graham of Vancleve; one son, Douglas Graham of Virginia; two brothers, William Graham of Florida, Otis (Marilyn) Graham of Vancleve; five sisters, Vivian Profitt of Ohio, Lou Lewis of Ohio, Faith (Roger) Pelfrey of Florida, Angela (David) Rose of Campton, Anita (Robert) Adams of Missouri.  Funeral services Friday, April 18, 2:00 PM at the Breathitt Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Fred Finley officiating.  Burial in Graham Cemetery at Keck. Military rites observed at graveside.  Serving as pallbearers, Dan Wilson, Ike Graham, David Rose, Danny Steinmetz, Christopher Rose, Earl Campbell, Lee Minix, Gerald Fletcher, David Graham.  Breathitt Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Vehicle Pursuit and Death Investigation / Pulaski County


(LONDON, KY.) – On Saturday July 06, 2014 at approximately 9:48 PM the Pulaski County 911 center received a call of a reckless driver on KY, HWY 80 in Somerset. The vehicle was described as a white BMW convertible. Shortly after a Kentucky State Police Vehicle Enforcement Officer observed the BMW operating in a reckless manner on KY, 80 and activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the vehicle and the operator of the BMW later identified as Lonnie S. Walls, 50, of  Smyrna, TN accelerated and continued traveling west on KY, 80.



A vehicle pursuit was initiated and Walls continued traveling west on KY, 80 for approximately (2) miles were he lost control of his vehicle and struck another motorist traveling in the same direction causing Walls to strike the concrete curb damaging his vehicle. After his vehicle came to a rest Lonnie Walls exited his vehicle armed with a handgun and shot himself in the head.



Walls was pronounced dead at the scene by the Pulaski County Coroners Office from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


KSP Detective Billy Correll is continuing the investigation and was assisted by KSP Detective Ryan Loudermilk, Kentucky State Police Vehicle Enforcement, Somerset Police Department and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

Single Vehicle Collision Claims Life of Breathitt County Man

Altro, KY- (KSP Press Release) On Thursday July 3rd, 2014 KSP Post 13 was notified of a single vehicle collision which occurred at 1032 Miller Branch Barwick Rd in the Altro community of Breathitt County. 

Wreck kills one in Breathitt County. (File Photo - Not actual wrecked car)
Wreck kills one in Breathitt County. (File Photo – Not actual wrecked car)

Trooper Randall Coots was dispatched to the scene and through his investigation determined a 1993 Ford Explorer which was operated by Jordan White, age 20 was traveling north bond along Miller Branch Barwick Road when the vehicle dropped off the right shoulder of the road, the driver 0vercorrected and lost control striking a tree causing the vehicle to overturn.  The operator of the vehicle along with a passenger Felix Randolph White were airlifted to the Pikeville Medical Center.  A second passenger Ashley Herald, Age 19 was transported to the Hazard ARH.  Felix Randolph White, age 47 of Altro, KY who was not wearing a seat belt later died at Pikeville Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased by the Pike County Coroners Office.  Trooper Randall Coots is in charge of the accident investigation. 


UK to play International Teams
UK to play International Teams

Wildcats to play three international opponents over six games in Nassau

NASSAU, Bahamas – The University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, the 2014 NCAA Division I national runner-up, will face international teams from the Dominican Republic, France and Puerto Rico during a foreign tour – named the Big Blue Bahamas tour – from August 10-17 in the Bahamas.


Kentucky will play the Dominican Republic national team, the Puerto Rico national team reserves and French first-division club team Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket, twice each over an eight-day span at Nassau’s 2,500-seat Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, recently renovated in the spring of 2014. The Dominican Republic team will use the games against Kentucky as a tune-up for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, which begins in late August. The Dominican Republic is No. 26 in the current FIBA World Rankings.


NCAA rules allow for a foreign tour by an intercollegiate team once every four academic years. Kentucky’s Big Blue Bahamas tour is a joint venture between Complete Sports Management and the Bahamas Basketball Federation.


“We are thrilled to bring together top basketball teams from all over the world and showcase it at such a beautiful setting,” said Complete Sports Management President Lea Miller. “It is always a pleasure working with the Bahamas Basketball Federation, and we are very appreciative of their support. The University of Kentucky is truly one of the most dominant programs in college basketball, and it will be fun to watch them compete on this global stage against teams from the Dominican Republic, France and Puerto Rico.”


The Wildcats, 29-11 a season ago, will open the tour on Sunday, August 10 against the Puerto Rico reserves at 5 pm ET. The next day, UK will face Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket at 1 pm ET. Tuesday, August 12, Kentucky will play the Puerto Rico reserves for the second time at 1 pm ET.


After a day off on Wednesday, August 13, Kentucky will face the Dominican Republic on August 14 at 5 pm ET. The second game against Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket will be played either August 15 or 16 (date to be determined) at 1 pm ET. Kentucky will finish the tour on Sunday, August 17 against the Dominican Republic at Noon ET.


“We are excited to make the trip to the Bahamas for our foreign tour,” said Kentucky head coach John Calipari, who will begin his sixth season as the Wildcats’ head coach. “Working with Lea and Mason Miller has been a pleasure. My goal is for our team to grow together, to learn about one another, to have fun and to compete against teams that will stretch us out. These teams should be a challenge that will let us really see where we are at this point. But again, learning and having fun will be the emphasis of the trip. It’s another opportunity for us to fail fast.”


“The Bahamas Basketball Federation is delighted to have a team such as Kentucky embrace our shores,” said Bahamas Basketball Federation Vice President Mario Bowleg. “We know that Kentucky will bring a high level of basketball performance with lots of excitement for our Bahamian basketball fans to experience. We take this opportunity to thank Ms. Lea Miller and her team, whom have worked closely with the Federation, to bring such an elite group to our shores, not just to play basketball but to bond as a unit and experience paradise all at the same time.”


Fan travel packages for Kentucky’s Big Blue Bahamas tour will be available. For more information, visit To book travel packages, please call 1-855-UKBBALL (1-855-852-2255). Only those who book through the Big Blue Bahamas tour travel company will have access to tickets.



(all games at Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium)

Sunday, August 10:            Puerto Rico Reserve Team…………………………….. 5 pm ET

Monday, August 11:            Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket……………… 1 pm ET

Tuesday, August 12:           Puerto Rico Reserve Team…………………………….. 1 pm ET

Wednesday, August 13:     OFF DAY

Thursday, August 14:          Dominican Republic National Team………………. 5 pm ET

Friday, August 15 OR:        Champagne Chalons-Reims Basket……………… 1 pm ET

Saturday, August 16:

Sunday, August 17:            Dominican Republic National Team………………. Noon ET


About Complete Sports Management: Complete Sports Management is an all-encompassing sports marketing agency, led by founder and president Lea Miller. The core capabilities of the agency include the creation of sporting events, event management, sponsorship and hospitality package sales and ticket promotion.


Through Miller’s global connections, she seized the opportunity to take collegiate sports outside of the United States by putting together a preseason college basketball tournament, Battle 4 Atlantis, held in Paradise Island, Bahamas. In its first three years, Battle 4 Atlantis has turned into the most successful preseason men’s Division I college basketball tournament in history, while providing unprecedented exposure for both the Atlantis Resort and the Bahamas. Miller has also negotiated sponsorship agreements and media contracts with ESPN, NBC Sports Network and AXS TV.


In 2014, Complete Sports Management will bring the Bahamas’ first college football FBS postseason bowl game, the inaugural Bahamas Bowl on December 24, 2014, featuring teams from Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference. For more information on Complete Sports Management, visit